Corrales Bosque Gallery

Susan Brown

“May you be at the corner of Arts and Humanity”. - John F.

Burnett, NPR Correspondent
I am a New Mexico artist best known for my inventive, bird figures. My interpretation of the bird as Guardian and Messenger, explore the
pre-historic beliefs that birds are mythological links between the human world and the divine. Using woven traded fabrics and beads, each of my birds carry a message for contemplation or power of guardianship. The pieces speak honestly, and raise questions regarding our interdependency with nature and all societies.

My background in anthropology, combined with travel, and working in the fields of commercial, medical, and fine arts, has exposed me to
a life rich in diverse human expression and belief. In my quest to make sense of it all, I usually find myself at the corner of arts and humanity seeking to understand the beauty and horror that plays out in our daily lives.