Corrales Bosque Gallery

Red paint studio  ( Laura Balombini)

 I’m new to Corrales having purchased a home in 2015 after 3 years in Asheville, NC ’s River Arts District and another lifetime on the coast of Maine near Haystack School.
My son’s health required a clearer, drier environment and our search has led us here to this sweet place.
I am and have always been a full-time artist / artisan. At present I paint, design refashioned art to wear and seek venues to show and sell my work.
I’ve owned and run galleries, been a member of co-ops and artists’ groups and while I’m fine working on my own I appreciate the sharing of creative space to exchange ideas, opportunities and energy. I have a small studio behind my home and a sewing space in the house that are open for visitors by appointment.   I’m excited to be a new member of CSA/NMAM and the Bosque Gallery in Corrales and look forward to our spring studio tour (CAST). I’ll demo my version of abstract painting techniques with music and “hands on” from the audience…should be fun. I’m interested in bridging the gap between artist and client/collector and seek to share how what’s in my minds eye can be imagined on canvas and cloth music becomes color, memories and feelings appear as line and shape.
I’ll be sharing ideas and techniques in a few workshops this year..sign up for news of events at repaint, find me on Facebook, Instagram ,etsy, Saatchi or Pinterest..and thanks for welcoming me into your world of sunsets, clouds and BaLLOONS !!!! what a wonder!
207 266 9634.